November 2011  – May 2015

PhD in experimental physics: ultrafast optical spectroscopy of graphene, University of Eexter, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, UK. Thesis “Hot-carrier luminescence in graphene”. Supervisors: Prof Euan Hendry and Prof Julian Moger.

September 2009 – June 2011

MSc: semiconductor physics and technology, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Faculty of Physical Science and Technology, Russia. Master’s degree (GPA: 5.0/5.0). Thesis “Development of an experimental setup for atomic and molecular spectroscopy based on a tunable semiconductor laser”.

September 2005 – June 2009

BSc: semiconductor physics and technology, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Faculty of Physical Science and Technology, Russia. Bachelor’s degree (GPA: 4.6/5.0). Thesis “Development of an automated control system prototype for the super-resolution EUV nanolithography system”.


10/2019 – present time

University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering/Department of Physics, Cambridge, UK. Research associate.

06/2015 – 09/2019

University of Sheffield, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Sheffield, UK. Postdoctoral Research Associate.

11/2011 – 05/2015

University of Exeter, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Exeter, UK. PhD researcher.

09/2010 – 10/2011

Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, Laboratory of Physical Gas Dynamics, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Junior Researcher (part-time)

02/2008 – 09/2010

Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, Laboratory of Physical and Functional Electronics, Saint Petersburg, Russia.Junior Researcher (part-time).


Quantum optic & 2D materials

Electrical and optical control of quantum emitters in 2D materials and moiré excitons in van der Waals heterostructures.

Tools & techniques: time- and polarisation-resolved magneto-optical spectroscopy, transient absorption and reflection spectroscopy, photon-number statistics measurements

Material characterisation

Characterisation of material properties of 2D materials and their heterostructures, including carrier concentration, mechanical strain, disorder, and interface quality

Tools & techniques: photoluminescence, ultra-low frequency Raman and reflectance contrast spectroscopy, polarisation-resolved second harmonic generation, atomics force and scanning electron microscopy.


Fabrication of opto-electronic devices based on 2D materials using class 100 and 1000 cleanrooms.

Tools & techniques: e-beam lithography (NanoBeam NB4, Raith Voyager), optical lithography (Durham MicroWriter, mask aligners), thermal evaporators (HHV Auto 306, Edwards E306A), RIE (JLS Designs RIE 80, Polaron PT7150), wire bonders (K&S 4123, 4524), Plasma-Therm 790 PECVD, Mattson RTA, mechanical exfoliation fo 2D materials, assembly of van der Waals heterostructures using  deterministic dry mechanical transfer. 

Optical setup design

Design and assembly of custom optical spectroscopy and microscopy setups, maintenance and servicing of commercial optical setup

Examples: Custom-built setups: confocal microscope for low-temperature magneto-optical spectroscopy using Attocube attoDRY1000 and attoDRY2100 closed-cycle helium cryostats, wide-field nonlinear microscope for imaging of graphene, polarisation-resolved second harmonic generation setup for identification of crystal lattice orientation in atomically thin materials. Commercial setups:  Renishaw inVia and RM1000 Raman microscopes, Horiba HR800 and Evolution Raman microscopes, Olympus IX71 confocal microscope


E-beam Plasma and low-power RIE plasma based chemical modification of materials using Fluorine, Chlorine and Oxygen functional species.

Tools: JLS Designs RIE 80 Etching system, Moorfield Nano RTCH

Measurement automation

Development of custom software and hardware for experiment control and measurement automation, establishing network communication between different equipment to enable full automation of complex experiments, e.g. measurements of emission spectrum and photoluminescence decay time as a function of applied magnetic field.

Tools & techniques: Labview, Matlab, Python, Arduino, AutoCAD, Fusion 360.

Product development

Developing of products for 2D material research in collaboration with Ossila Ltd.

Examples: Pre-patterned FET test chip for electrical and optical characterisation of devices based on 2D materials