Evgeny (Eugene) Alexeev

I am an experimental physicist specialising in optical spectroscopy of two-dimensional materials and van der Waals heterostructures. I have extensive experience in variable temperature ultrafast and continuous wave spectroscopy techniques, including four-wave mixing, transient absorption, second harmonic generation, and polarisation-resolved photoluminescence, Raman, and differential reflectance spectroscopy. I have designed and built multiple custom optical setups (such as a wide-field linear and non-linear fluorescence microscopes and confocal microscopes for attoDRY2100/attoDRY1000 closed-cycle cryostats) and worked with a variety of commercial spectroscopy systems.

I also have strong expertise in nanofabrication, including electron beam and optical lithography, dry and wet etching, thin film deposition, mechanical exfoliation and deterministic transfer of two-dimensional materials, as well as associated characterisation techniques: optical, atomic force, and scanning electron microscopy

My current primary area of research is investigating quantum emitters in two-dimensional materials and exploring rotational alignment and lattice mismatch as novel degrees of freedom in van der Waals heterostructures. My other research competences include: interlayer excitons in transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures, excitonic effects in two-dimensional semiconductors, hot carrier luminescence in graphene, controlled modification of graphene with pulsed laser excitation.


  • Fabrication Equipment: e-beam lithography (NanoBeam NB4, Raith Voyager), optical lithography (Durham MicroWriter, mask aligners), thermal evaporators (HHV Auto 306, Edwards E306A), RIE (JLS Designs RIE 80, Polaron PT7150), wire bonders (K&S 4123, 4524), Plasma-Therm 790 PECVD, Mattson RTA, and other cleanroom equipment.
  • Characterisation Equipment: Renishaw inVia and RM1000 Raman microscopes, Horiba HR800 and Evolution Raman microscopes, FEI DualBeam SEM, Raith FEG-SEM, Veeco Dimension 3100 AFM, Dektak 150 Profilometer, Olympus IX71 confocal microscope, custom-built low-temperature micro-PL and Raman setups
  • Optical cryostats: Attocube attoDRY1000 and attoDRY2100 closed-cycle helium cryostats, Oxford Instruments MicrostatHe and Janis ST-500 continuous flow cryostats, Linkam THMS600 LN2
  • Scientific Packages and Programming Languages: Labview, Matlab, Maple, Python, C++, Fortran, Arduino, AutoCAD, Fusion 360.